Summer is here and traveling season has started. Whether you’re ready to embark on your first adventure of the year, or are just continuing your constant travels, you’re likely going to be spending some time away with your partner. Vacationing together gives you both, especially as entrepreneurs, the opportunity to put your business aside and focus on yourselves and each other. But there are some struggles when it comes to traveling with your partner, so consider these tips before you leave.

  1. Be ready to compromise. Compromise comes with any relationship, but traveling often requires you to give a little bit more than you’re accustomed to. Take turns deciding where and what to do next, even if it’s just if you’re picking a restaurant for lunch. Remember that being flexible is required for travel in general, but it’s important to allow yourself to compromise with your partner.
  2. Designate an expense account designated for travel.  One method is to come up with your travel budget, and utilize a credit card that offers rewards/miles as your travel expense account.  Make sure you both have access to this credit card account for travel. Once you return home from your trip,  make it a point to pay that credit card in full with the budgeted amount that was previously agreed upon during the planning phase. This way, you can benefit from the miles/rewards accumulated during your travel and there is no credit card balance as you’ve already set aside the travel budget to pay the card balance off upon our return.  
  3. Plan ahead and leave some wiggle room. Traveling takes planning, but being stuck in a bind can really kill the adventure. Make your plans ahead of time so that you already have a general agenda to stick to. You’ll know when you’re going to do certain things and you’ll be able to budget your time and your expenses more comfortably. Remember to leave wiggle room, because traveling isn’t exact. Flights can be delayed, trains late, taxis stuck in traffic – you never know what you’re going to be up against in terms of a time crunch.

The most important thing needed when traveling with your partner is to take advantage of this special time you have together. Have fun! You’re on vacation, possibly in some place that’s new and exciting for you both. Share the adventure, just like you do in everyday life. Experience something new together, make memories that will last a lifetime and don’t let small concerns get in the way of your great adventure.