Summer is the time for fun and adventure and while we’re still working, we do take a more relaxed approach towards tasks during the summer months. Easing back into work after the slower part of the year is difficult, but it can be done. Working on reducing the pain is important to making sure you’re motivated and productive. Keep these tips in mind if you’re struggling to get back in the groove.


  • Give yourself a break. No, we don’t mean to go back on another vacation or extend your summertime slowness. We mean to cut yourself some slack when it comes to catching up to tasks. You may have fallen behind on some things, but don’t rush through them. Take your time, ease the stress and slowly get back into your regular work schedule.


  • Find excitement in going back to work. Are there projects coming up that need your attention? Does fall or winter bring any special things to work on? Try to find something to look forward to when the going gets tough or the start is painfully slow. Think about how your work as a whole excites you and makes you love what you do.


  • Don’t work any extra hours. Regardless of how much catching up you need to do, you need to stick to your regular work hours. Don’t burn yourself out trying to get everything done and organized right at the beginning of your back-to-work season.


  • Tidy up your workspace and maybe even add something new. Think of what made you excited to go back to school as a kid. A new backpack, clothes, or even some fancy pens. Take that and add it to your work life. Rearrange and spice things up a bit around your desk and in your office. Make it new and exciting to return to.


  • Prioritize your tasks. This should come easily because you should be doing it already, even during the slower summer months. But during fall, things can get very busy very quickly. Make sure you separate what’s important from urgent, and keep an easy-to-access task list available. This will help you catch up after you return and also keep you focused during the busier times.


Going back to work after a vacation or busying up your workload after a slow season can be difficult and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to make everything a little easier on yourself and even downright exciting. Let yourself ease into the busy times, stay organized and enjoy your job. After all, you came back for a reason!