Take a moment to think back to what made you want to go into business with your significant other. Chances are, it started with a shared dream or vision, and a real, genuine passion for what you were about to do, as well as a passion for one another.


Once a business gets up and running, however, sometimes couplepreneurs find themselves lost in the day to day responsibilities and stresses that come with owning and operating the company aspects. Every so often those initial thoughts and dreams start to fade. That’s normal, but let’s consider a new perspective?


Celebrate your relationship for what it is; something entirely unique, innovative, and something not every couple gets to share. Remember spouses hardly ever see each other because their work keeps them apart. Or, even when they can spend time together, they can’t fully grasp the concept of what the other person does. If you’ve ever been in a conversation where you’ve tried to explain something incredibly important about your business to someone, and they just don’t get it, you know this feeling. That can cause a disconnect between couples.


You have the opportunity to capitalize on the fact that you not only work with each other, but you’re passionate about the same things! Focus on the dream that started your business together, and why it was important to each of you. Think about how lucky you are to be able to do something so extraordinary with the one you love – something that so few people get to do. Not only is owning your own business something special, but doing it with your significant other adds an entire new level of uniqueness.


Finally, it’s important to celebrate. Celebrate your successes, both individually, and as a couple. For all the hard work you put into your business, take the time to notice the milestones, the important events, and the positive outcomes that happen again and again. It’s important to celebrate your business, and not just grind away at it day after day. That can end up being hard on your relationship, when staying positive about the unique aspects of it can make you a stronger couple than ever.


You are in such a wonderful situation, so capitalize on it! You have a shared passion, a unique position, and an incredible partner in love and life.


Enjoy every second of it!