Treating the Business as a Separate Entity

It’s been an age-old issue: How to mix your work life, with your personal life. This really comes into play when you’re in a serious relationship or a marriage. If you are a career-centered couple or a couple who actually owns a business together, you may not think you have a problem spending endless hours at work. But, with just about every couple,

Tips for Getting Back to Work After Summer Vacation

Summer is the time for fun and adventure and while we’re still working, we do take a more relaxed approach towards tasks during the summer months. Easing back into work after the slower part of the year is difficult, but it can be done. Working on reducing the pain is important to making sure you’re motivated and productive. Keep these tips in mind

3 Mistakes Newbie Business Owners Make When Picking Names

Are you looking to name your new start-up or project? With so many entrepreneurs taking over in so many different industries, it can be difficult to come up with something noteworthy. Although you may be really sold on the name you have in mind, consider these naming mistakes before you make the final decision. Going With Unconventional Spelling – Whether you’re sticking to

3 Things Necessary for Being In Business With Your Partner

Relationships are hard. They take work, dedication, and require the effort of both parties involved. Entrepreneurship is hard too, for many of the same reasons. Both are often the love of your life, just separated into two different categories. But many of us choose to go into business with our partners, for so many reasons it would be an entirely different blog post.

4 Changes to Your Morning Routine That Will Improve Your Productivity

When it comes to being productive, we often start projects with a bang and slowly lose our motivation as things get steady and flowing. Our to-do lists grow, our personal lives get business and things get more complicated as time goes on. Because of this, we become less productive. Whether it’s just hard for you to get going Monday morning or you’re in

Limited Belief Systems

Without getting too complicated, we’ll assume that you understand everyone has varying belief systems. But these belief systems don’t always have to do with politics and spirituality, they do with daily life. For example, you may have tried to catch a bee when you were a child and got stung. The sting was painful, and now you believe that when you touch bees,

4 Secrets to Mastering the Work-Life Balance

Life as a business owner is no joke, even when you’re in business with your lifelong partner. Keeping yourself balanced is essential to the success of your business and your relationships so don’t keep pushing the balancing act to the backburner. There are some dos and don’ts to finding and maintaining equilibrium, but many successful entrepreneurs have noted some general tricks that work