Treating the Business as a Separate Entity

It’s been an age-old issue: How to mix your work life, with your personal life. This really comes into play when you’re in a serious relationship or a marriage. If you are a career-centered couple or a couple who actually owns a business together, you may not think you have a problem spending endless hours at work. But, with just about every couple,

Tips for Getting Back to Work After Summer Vacation

Summer is the time for fun and adventure and while we’re still working, we do take a more relaxed approach towards tasks during the summer months. Easing back into work after the slower part of the year is difficult, but it can be done. Working on reducing the pain is important to making sure you’re motivated and productive. Keep these tips in mind

Too Much Clutter? Lessen It With These 5 Steps

Despite the regular appearance of most homes and offices, most people don’t like clutter. We usually throw in attempts to de-clutter and clean up our homes and workspaces, but more often than not all of the stuff just creeps right back in. Fortunately, you can start to manage your clutter with some simple tips. 1. Utilize secret storage – Secret storage containers are