Take the Time to Celebrate Your Unique Relationship

Take a moment to think back to what made you want to go into business with your significant other. Chances are, it started with a shared dream or vision, and a real, genuine passion for what you were about to do, as well as a passion for one another.   Once a business gets up and running, however, sometimes couplepreneurs find themselves lost

Determining Your Vision as a Couple

Before you start strategically putting together a business plan, you need a vision. Sometimes, creating a detailed vision on your own can be difficult enough. So, when you’re a couple trying to solidify something together, it can be a challenge. It’s not a bad thing to bring different ideas to the table, and consider different possibilities for your venture. But, at the end

Treating the Business as a Separate Entity

It’s been an age-old issue: How to mix your work life, with your personal life. This really comes into play when you’re in a serious relationship or a marriage. If you are a career-centered couple or a couple who actually owns a business together, you may not think you have a problem spending endless hours at work. But, with just about every couple,

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Living A Life Of Fulfillment

Living a life of fulfillment is something that many are longing for today which is totally different from how things were many years ago.  Fulfillment is a satisfaction or happiness that results from one identifying and developing their own ability or character.  Sometimes we have to overcome fears or past beliefs to get here but once we begin to live our life without

3 Tips to Help You Overcome Obstacles

Everyone faces challenges in their lives and no matter how big or small they may be in the big picture, they can feel equally overwhelming during their height. Overcoming obstacles is not an easy task and even those with outstanding coping skills might find themselves struggling from time to time. It’s easy to lose focus and become discouraged when we’re faced with something

4 Phrases to Help You Communicate AND Connect

Why does communicating with your partner sometimes seem SO DIFFICULT? We’ve all been there. You’ve got something to say about a troubling situation and you just can’t seem to say it in a way that will really be heard. In the past, an argument and defensiveness occurred when you spoke up. Because of this, you might mostly choose to remain silent on particular topics.

Not Tonight, Honey: Dealing With Desire Discrepancy

The old stereotype describes men as frequently having sex on their mind while women are often not “in the mood.” As with most stereotypes this is an unfair generalization. But as is also true with stereotypes, it evolved because there was a kernel of truth in it. Indeed typically male sexual arousal can be compared to a microwave – instant and fast –

3 Common Mistakes That Will Damage Your Relationship

Relationships take hard work and dedication, but the reward is overwhelming. Thankfully, most relationships aren’t so fragile and can withstand the tests of the world and humankind. In other words, even when people make mistakes, they can overcome them together as a couple and keep moving forward. Unfortunately, we are all human and making mistakes in relationships can happen easily if we aren’t