The Williams: To Keep It Fresh, Just Add a Dash of Spice

Let’s face it, when you’re in business with your spouse, it’s easy to take your time with each other for granted. When you’re up to your ears in emails and the day to day operation of your life, the days/weeks/months start to blend together and things can begin to feel stale. 

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you might


The Hellands: Living The Flip Flop Lifestyle

To Brent and Susie Helland, the definition of success is having the ability to create a ‘flip flop lifestyle’; a lifestyle that speaks to the heart of a digital nomad. The imagery alone invokes a relaxed, live-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of adventure where one gets to travel to the most exotic beaches of the world and work whenever they want – a dream come true,

being present

Bring Back The Spark This Year By Being Present

Every couple goes through periods of selfishness and distraction. Now, that may seem a bit harsh, but it’s not as ‘bad’ as you may think. We live in a world of distractions: Work, technology, kids, extra activities, etc. The list never ends, and we find ourselves plugged in and tuned in more often than not. Being present in a relationship, or ‘mindful’ of

Your Partner’s Workday

What’s Beyond the Workday? You and your partner probably went into business together for multiple reasons. We would imagine, if you’re anything like us, the idea of being together, sharing ideas and passions, and growing a success business had a large impact on your decision. You likely realized how well you worked together as a team, too. Obviously, you each excel at different

Determining Your Vision as a Couple

Before you start strategically putting together a business plan, you need a vision. Sometimes, creating a detailed vision on your own can be difficult enough. So, when you’re a couple trying to solidify something together, it can be a challenge. It’s not a bad thing to bring different ideas to the table, and consider different possibilities for your venture. But, at the end

Treating the Business as a Separate Entity

It’s been an age-old issue: How to mix your work life, with your personal life. This really comes into play when you’re in a serious relationship or a marriage. If you are a career-centered couple or a couple who actually owns a business together, you may not think you have a problem spending endless hours at work. But, with just about every couple,

The Wright Way: Start Small & Scale Up

There’s a saying, “Small ripples make big waves”, and that’s what comes to mind when I think of Donnell & Tahra Wright of The Wright Property Group.   Given that these two are still full-time employees in the corporate world, nothing has stopped them from realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.  Starting small and scaling up has been their driving principle and it’s paying off


Building a business with your spouse comes with built-in challenges, and this month’s Featured Couple, the Molitors of Minnesota, has cornered the home remodeling market with built-for-you designs that exemplify style and simplicity. This month we interviewed Jamie & Morgan Molitor, who own, a full-service custom home remodeling and design company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We talked about the challenges of running