Stereotypes, social norms, responsibilities and roles have been put in place for just about every single person on the planet. Some of those roles and ‘responsibilities’ lead to positive attributes and praises. Others, unfortunately, are nothing more that outdated criticisms, or unfair ways of thinking. Even the healthiest of relationships can sometimes struggle when it comes to figuring out different roles and responsibility for each partner. When it comes to being in business with your partner, the lines can become even more blurred.


That word is important: Partner. We tend to drift away from the idea that who we are with, even in a romantic relationship, is technically our partner. If you have a career where you have to work with different people, you likely consider them to be ‘teammates.’ You each have specific jobs to do, and tasks to complete in order for an overall goal to be met. Your personal relationships should be no different, but it’s important that both you and your partner are on the same page.


In Business and in Love… How to Set Clear Roles


The best way to ‘dish out’ responsibilities is to first decide what your priorities are, both individually, and as a couple. Don’t be afraid to break away from social norms, and forget about the stereotypes of the past. A good rule of thumb is to first volunteer for the tasks you actually enjoy, then suggest things your partner might enjoy, and finally, don’t be afraid to take on a task because you’re willing to ‘serve’ your partner.


For example, make a list of all the priorities you do on a daily basis. Take turns volunteering to do what you enjoy… Ask your partner what they think you might be good at when it comes to bringing something new to the relationship. Finally, find something you can do each day, or week, that would make their life a little easier.


If you can both agree to those ‘rules of responsibility,’ you’ll be putting in work that betters your own agenda, and also serves each other. That, in the end, can really bring you closer, and make you feel more appreciated by the person you’re with.


When it comes to really setting the right roles for both people in a relationship, the most important thing you can do is let go of your expectations. Now, that isn’t to say you should expect nothing of your partner. It does, however, mean that you should let go of your expectations of what should come from a particular person. You chose your partner for a reason; not just because they were ‘any’ man, or ‘any’ woman. With that in mind, the roles you take on in your relationship should be reflections of who you are as a couple, and as individuals, not what society, family, or friends tell you they should be.


When clear roles and responsibilities are set in a relationship, it leaves less room for things to be miscommunicated and misunderstood. Make your roles your own, as a couple, and you’re likely to find your relationship has to deal with a lot less confusion and a clearer line of direct communication with one another.