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The Importance of Celebrating Love Beyond Valentine’s Day

Here at Elevating Couples, we are all about making meaningful progress towards personal and family goals. Whether we talk about building your finances, learning to be a better communicator, learning how to multitask, or becoming the all-round partner you want to be, we share many of our own personal experiences that have revolved around the small, incremental changes that we’ve made which have

Couples In Business – Misery or Synergy?

Developing and running your own business is one of life’s greatest challenges. Having a successful relationship or marriage is also one of life’s greatest challenges. When you join them together and go into business with your significant other, the potential outcome can run from misery on one end to synergy on the other. Here is some of the downside. Working with your loved

Journey To A Desert Paradise For A Unique and Intimate Getaway!

  For our 14th wedding anniversary, my husband and I wanted to do something different from the previous years we celebrated.   One of the places we had heard about was located in a small affluent town called Paradise Valley which is in the beautiful State of Arizona! The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa offered a private romantic getaway which is what

Three Ways To Rekindle The Romance In Your Marriage

When you’re married with kids and you run a business together, there are many demands that can put stress on the relationship.  Some couples may feel that they become less attractive, exciting or romantic to their spouse.  That’s nonsense! Put those thoughts to rest!   It’s true there are many demands that can place pressure on the marriage, but it’s important to take time for one another