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Living a life of fulfillment is something that many are longing for today which is totally different from how things were many years ago.  Fulfillment is a satisfaction or happiness that results from one identifying and developing their own ability or character.  Sometimes we have to overcome fears or past beliefs to get here but once we begin to live our life without caring how or what others think of us and discover the happiness we’ve been longing to have, our life has become fulfilled.   A foundation has been set where we begin to live a life that feels content.  Our relationships improve, our finances and health are also positively impacted.  Many years ago, material things and living a prestigious lifestyle was what many defined as success and happiness but in actuality and according to statistics, that isn’t the case.   There have been many lives negatively impacted because of unhappiness. Having the expensive cars, big houses, fine jewelry and flashy clothes can be nice and exciting to buy, but they didn’t provide the fulfillment that many lack unless they were accumulated as part of one’s passion or hobby.

There are several advantages that come with living a life of fulfillment and below are ten of our very own realizations that we experienced as we began to identify and live our fulfilled lifestyle.

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  1. Purpose–  When you discover the meaning for your life, it gives you some direction and your life begins to evolve around this purpose where you begin to live the life you were meant to live.  You begin to become more willing to live a life that is true to your own core beliefs and begin to really appreciate the true YOU that you have discovered.  The best thing about discovering the true YOU is having the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.  We each have gifts within us that we are to gift the world with and once you discover what your gift is, share it with the world and begin to create ways to live a meaningful life so that your legacy can continue to live on.

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  1. Perspective Changes–   There use to be a time when we were faced with challenges in life. We became frustrated and began to look at these challenges as being negative interferences in our lives.  What we began to do was realize that the unexpected challenges we may have faced were at times an opportunity to re-evaluate our situation to create solutions.  The challenges taught us how to shift our ways of thinking which we found to be beneficial in other obstacles we faced later in life.  We came to the realization that challenges that we face in life are lessons for us to learn from to help prepare us and possibly take us to another level.  So instead of looking at challenges as obstacles to hold us back, we looked at them as opportunities to help us aim higher and add to our experiences to reach for higher goals in life.  We learned that the world should not feel as if it’s coming to an end when our plans don’t go exactly how we expect them to go. Roadblocks sometimes come to allow us to take a detour to reach something even greater than what we may have  originally targeted.

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  1. Personal Growth Updates–  We learned to embrace the opportunity to work on our own personal growth.  Some of what’s holding people back today from advancing is them being set in their old ways.  Many are afraid of change which can result in a halt in discovering the YOU that you are to share with the world.  We must continue to work on our inner growth and look at embracing the opportunity to push ourselves to be more.  We eventually learned how to challenge our ideas and we began to constantly look to learn new things.  There were many unexpected and exciting rewards that awaited us just by pushing some of our boundaries that kept us in our comfort zone.

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  1. Live A Life Of Forgiveness–  Many of us have been hurt or done wrong by others in our past, but learning how to forgive allowed us to become free.  When you live a life of fulfillment, you realize that it’s not up to you to retaliate against your wrongdoer. Learn from the situation that has occurred to prevent it from happening again.  Forgive and move on.  Wrongdoers are always taken care of some way or another.  Just sit back and evaluate the life that they’re living and you’ll realize just what I mean. (*wink)

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  1. Embraced Risk Taking–  We discovered that taking risks didn’t actually paralyze us but it allowed us to become more comfortable with taking more chances and being accepting of possibly failing.  Once we identified that the failures allowed us to learn, we were able to become more willing to take more calculated risks where we discovered some of our most life altering rewards.  Taking risks can become exhilarating and it can encourage us to take more leaps of faith to advance in life.

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  1. Displaying Gratitude–  Showing gratitude brings forth positivity.  We’ve learned that displaying our gratefulness not only assists in fostering our happiness but it also assists in strengthening the relationships we have with others.  We never take anything for granted and practicing the expression of gratitude has done nothing but bring forth more happiness and fulfillment not only in our lives but in the lives of so many close to us.

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  1. Offer Kindness–  Offering kindness to others is something we aim to practice daily.  You never know what others might be going through and displaying your kindness in a challenging situation can cause a powerful encounter to occur.   When you are faced with the challenge, you have the opportunity to witness first hand how your kindness can transform a life in a positive way and the feeling you get from this only adds to the fulfilled lifestyle you are living.

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  1. Healthy Choices–  We’re not experts but we one day came to the realization that  we had a lot to do with the condition of our own health.  We one day made a decision to let go or limit the foods that weren’t so healthy and we also decided to include more exercise into our lives.  As we get older, it’s important that we continue to stay active because although many say that our metabolism slows down as we get older, I’ve learned that it was actually us who slowed down. Working from home together allows us to make our own schedules and we have the opportunity to take morning or afternoon walks together.  At times, we also enjoy getting some running in as well.  Learning the importance of listening to our bodies and scheduling our annual health checkups also help to maintain our health.  When we begin to make better choices about how we treat our bodies, we can begin to make significant differences in our lives.

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  1. Organization– This is an area we are still in the process of working on because we do see the positive impact that it makes.  We have realized that when things are in order in our home, they are also in order in our overall way of living.   We’re not perfect and tend to slip every once in a while and that slip can sometimes result in a little chaos.  When we realize that happening, we make it a point to take time to tackle it so things can begin to flow smoothly again.  Chaos in the home, can possibly result in chaos in your life.  When things are not in order at home, you spend wasted time searching or maybe even tearing things apart trying to locate.  When things are in order and flowing smoothly…so are you!

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  1. Money Management- When we are attempting to get on the right track with our finances, it’s important to allocate our money responsibly.  We developed a financial strategy to follow which helped to decrease our debt and improve our credit which in turn allowed us to receive a perk of receiving better interest rates on major purchases.  This in turn provided a savings of our monthly expenditures.  We had to have a lot of discipline, but today we are financially stable and have obtained creditworthiness. The sooner you begin managing your money better, the sooner you can begin to reap the benefits that come from being financially responsible.


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