They’re bright, fun, and wildly eclectic; he – a lifelong musician, she – a lifelong wild spirit; together, they form the dynamic design duo Kinlake. After eight years of bucking convention, David & Linda decided to tie the knot and unite not only their hearts, but also their creative strengths.


As consummate artists, both David & Linda also have a background in graphic design and Kinlake was born after a stark realization that working for someone else just didn’t suit their fancy.

kinlake-02I had a short moment of doubt where I found a job at an advertising company but quickly went back to being self-employed, because that’s when I truly realized how great it had been to be my own boss. At the time, David was also getting a bit bored at his job and so from seeing me take this path, he got the extra encouragement to go self-employed as well. So we found ourselves working in the exact same industry, in the same way (freelancing), but separately. At that point we were also moving in together so this created some tension between us, as our egos were on fire! At that point, we were definitely not thinking of working together, also because we had completely different styles (as an Illustrator, mine was more playful/colorful, and David’s was more defined & minimal), but we did realize that we needed each other for creative support. So after several episodes of ego-clashing, we had a moment of awakening: let’s put our egos by side, join forces and see what happens. Well, it was the best decision we ever took! We’ve been working together since.”

As creatives and ones whose egos occasionally clash, working with your partner will undoubtedly bring up challenges that involve mutual compromise.


“Thankfully the challenges and the issues that came with them got solved pretty naturally. We learned simply by doing. By trying. If you don’t try something, how are you going to know if it’s good for you, right? We learned to put our egos aside and to embrace the fact that we would merge together creatively. We learned exactly how to work together as we learned about each other strengths, weaknesses, and found the right system for us, which is constantly in progress, as we also are as human beings. We learned that working as a duo means that you sometimes have to make compromises – if I have an idea they think is “awesome” and David doesn’t agree, then it’s time for a bit of brainstorming and finding a solution that we both agree with. Thankfully, this is becoming more and more natural (less of a tense subject) between us and we always feel so good when we are both completely happy with something! It gives us a good push.”

Collaborating in design, is much like creating a piece of music; you must find the melody and work out the chords and notes so the piece flows in an aesthetically pleasing way. And this couple knows how to make music, not only in their designs, but in their lifestyle and marriage.


“We always make sure to maintain this romantic connection between us. It also helps that we both have a very silly and goofy sense of humor, so we make each other laugh a lot throughout the day. Laughter is so important! In a relationship, it’s fundamentally important to respect each other, but it’s equally important to be laid-back and to not take things too seriously. You got to make sure that things stay FUN. And if you can laugh out of “bad stuff” that happens to you, then that’s even better.”

Their most favorite quote: ‘It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you have beside you.’ “Having found the right person makes any risk-taking, any decision and any adventure more fun!” 

And if you take a note out of their song, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

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