No matter how long you’ve been a couplepreneur, there’s a good chance you and your partner have fallen into a natural routine when it comes to a division of labor. They take out the trash, you make the bed. You make dinner, they do the dishes. They give the kids a bath, you put them to bed.


Whether these are things you’ve agreed upon, or it’s just ‘the way it’s done,’ having a division of labor in a relationship is not only important, but necessary. It keeps us from getting overwhelmed, makes us feel appreciated, and gives us a chance to explore our strengths. There’s a good chance you wouldn’t be the one making dinner if you weren’t a good cook, or didn’t enjoy cooking.


Dividing Labor in Business


That kind of division absolutely must carry over into your business. The only difference? It can’t be so casual. You can’t fall into a natural routine when it comes to divvying up the responsibilities, because if that ever changes or shifts, your entire business could suffer over it.


Instead, make a conscious effort to put together specific roles for you and your partner in business. This might sound like an easy task at first, but think about it this way: You started this business together. It’s not always going to be the easiest thing in the world to give up responsibilities, because far too many of us have an attitude of having to do something ourselves for it to be done right.


It can be an even trickier task to accomplish than you may think, especially at first, but you should absolutely sit down with your spouse, and decide who will be doing what within the business. Of course, you’ll both have input and opinions on things. Dividing up responsibilities doesn’t automatically mean keeping the other person out of the loop. But, it does give one person authority in each decision, department, etc. The other person is there to provide support when needed and help with accountability.


Look at your strengths in business, the same way you might in your personal lives. If your spouse is better with numbers, let him/her handle accounting. If you are the people person, consider doing the marketing. There’s a good chance each of you knows where you excel, and which responsibilities would excite you. Embrace those everyday duties, take charge of them, and support your partner for the duties they’ve taken on, so they can support you right back.


You wouldn’t be expected to take the reins on every task in your daily life, so you shouldn’t be expected to in business, especially with a partner to do 50% of the work. Don’t make dividing labor a chore, make it a choice. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and stressed, you and your partner will be able to showcase your strengths, and your business will steadily and comfortably grow because of it.


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