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21 Simple & Heart Filled Ways To Fill Your Spouse’s Love Well

  I am thrilled to share that Howard and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary in January.  Looking back over the years we’ve spent together, I can say my love for him is deeper than it’s ever been.  My heart is full from all the memories we’ve created with each other and while, like all couples have our ups and downs, we believe

The High Touch Way to Success

Couples who work hard together to start and grow a business say that open communication and intimacy makes sharing life and work sweeter and more successful. Yet while wearing your business hats, most of the communication is talk, talk, talk. Intuitively, we all know that nonverbal communication – eye contact and touch – can speak volumes, but still, it’s noticeably absent in the

Getting Healthy as a Couple

Whether you’ve got a New Year’s resolution to keep, or you just think it’s time to start focusing more on your health and fitness, it’s never a bad idea to start eating better, and to start getting more active in your day to day routine. Unfortunately, doing it on your own can become kind of monotonous after awhile – that’s why so many

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Bring Back The Spark This Year By Being Present

Every couple goes through periods of selfishness and distraction. Now, that may seem a bit harsh, but it’s not as ‘bad’ as you may think. We live in a world of distractions: Work, technology, kids, extra activities, etc. The list never ends, and we find ourselves plugged in and tuned in more often than not. Being present in a relationship, or ‘mindful’ of

Your Partner’s Workday

What’s Beyond the Workday? You and your partner probably went into business together for multiple reasons. We would imagine, if you’re anything like us, the idea of being together, sharing ideas and passions, and growing a success business had a large impact on your decision. You likely realized how well you worked together as a team, too. Obviously, you each excel at different

Tips for Getting Back to Work After Summer Vacation

Summer is the time for fun and adventure and while we’re still working, we do take a more relaxed approach towards tasks during the summer months. Easing back into work after the slower part of the year is difficult, but it can be done. Working on reducing the pain is important to making sure you’re motivated and productive. Keep these tips in mind

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Living A Life Of Fulfillment

Living a life of fulfillment is something that many are longing for today which is totally different from how things were many years ago.  Fulfillment is a satisfaction or happiness that results from one identifying and developing their own ability or character.  Sometimes we have to overcome fears or past beliefs to get here but once we begin to live our life without

The Importance of Patience

Patience appears to be losing its value in modern times, but it’s a trait that represents power and intuition rather than passivity and resignation. When someone tells you to be patient, they are not invalidating or stalling your goals. They are simply asking you to take a step back, emotionally gather yourself and persevere. Patience brings many attributes that should be recognized so