Roy and Heather Aguillon

The Aguillons: Finding Perfection In The Imperfections

On some level, I think we all suffer from the perfection complex; where we strive for perfection everywhere in our life.  We want the perfect marriage, the perfect business, the perfect… well, the perfect LIFE.  Our pursuit of perfection can be debilitating or worse yet, it can stop us dead in our tracks and all of the things we want in life die


The Hellands: Living The Flip Flop Lifestyle

To Brent and Susie Helland, the definition of success is having the ability to create a ‘flip flop lifestyle’; a lifestyle that speaks to the heart of a digital nomad. The imagery alone invokes a relaxed, live-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of adventure where one gets to travel to the most exotic beaches of the world and work whenever they want – a dream come true,

Allen & Carol Adams: When God Comes First, Everything Works

“…to be Spiritually minded is life and peace.” Romans 8:6 When I think of this verse, I’m reminded of my own faith in the Spirit of life; that when I’m centered in my relationship with God, I have nothing to fear as everything I desire is already given. We’ve rarely gone this deep in our previous articles; however, today I’m feeling called to

featured couple zachary

Get Dusted: From Hobby To Booming Home Based Business

They say if you do what you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. When your spouse is also your business partner, the home/work lines seamlessly become everyday life.  Luckily for Jerad and Tawny Zachary, the overflowing number of “Dusted” cups taking up every nook and cranny of their home is evidence that their passion has taken on a

couples in business

The Duffields: The Snapshot Lifestyle

Memories are the snapshots of life we never want to forget and these days, we have access to millions of freeze-framed moments in the palm of our hand. With the advent of social media and camera phones, showcasing the most intimate parts of our life has become the norm. And photography has become big business. Stacie Duffield started photography more than a decade

The Wright Way: Start Small & Scale Up

There’s a saying, “Small ripples make big waves”, and that’s what comes to mind when I think of Donnell & Tahra Wright of The Wright Property Group.   Given that these two are still full-time employees in the corporate world, nothing has stopped them from realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.  Starting small and scaling up has been their driving principle and it’s paying off

Kinlake – Creating Music In Design & Marriage

They’re bright, fun, and wildly eclectic; he – a lifelong musician, she – a lifelong wild spirit; together, they form the dynamic design duo Kinlake. After eight years of bucking convention, David & Linda decided to tie the knot and unite not only their hearts, but also their creative strengths. As consummate artists, both David & Linda also have a background in graphic

The Great Anomaly: When Love & Business Join Forces

  He’s the numbers guy. She wants things to look and feel good. And sometimes, these two things clash in business.  Traditionally, we’ve been taught that business doesn’t have feelings, and perhaps this rings true for conventional businesses, but for this couplepreneur (a term they coined), “conventional” isn’t in their vocabulary. Our featured couple in business is possibly the most unconventional couple I’ve


Building a business with your spouse comes with built-in challenges, and this month’s Featured Couple, the Molitors of Minnesota, has cornered the home remodeling market with built-for-you designs that exemplify style and simplicity. This month we interviewed Jamie & Morgan Molitor, who own, a full-service custom home remodeling and design company, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We talked about the challenges of running