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The Importance of Celebrating Love Beyond Valentine’s Day

Here at Elevating Couples, we are all about making meaningful progress towards personal and family goals. Whether we talk about building your finances, learning to be a better communicator, learning how to multitask, or becoming the all-round partner you want to be, we share many of our own personal experiences that have revolved around the small, incremental changes that we’ve made which have

Roy and Heather Aguillon

The Aguillons: Finding Perfection In The Imperfections

On some level, I think we all suffer from the perfection complex; where we strive for perfection everywhere in our life.  We want the perfect marriage, the perfect business, the perfect… well, the perfect LIFE.  Our pursuit of perfection can be debilitating or worse yet, it can stop us dead in our tracks and all of the things we want in life die

The Williams: To Keep It Fresh, Just Add a Dash of Spice

Let’s face it, when you’re in business with your spouse, it’s easy to take your time with each other for granted. When you’re up to your ears in emails and the day to day operation of your life, the days/weeks/months start to blend together and things can begin to feel stale. 

If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you might