Roy and Heather Aguillon

On some level, I think we all suffer from the perfection complex; where we strive for perfection everywhere in our life.  We want the perfect marriage, the perfect business, the perfect… well, the perfect LIFE.  Our pursuit of perfection can be debilitating or worse yet, it can stop us dead in our tracks and all of the things we want in life die because we’re so busy trying to make everything perfect.

We wait for the perfect time.
We wait for the perfect partner.
We wait for perfect weather.
We wait for the perfect mood.

Our dreams die when we wait for perfection.  Life doesn’t work in our idea of perfection; but God shows us the perfection in all the imperfections He throws at us.

Life tells us that in the pursuit of our dreams, there’s never a better time than right now; that through your faith, you’ll weather all the storms that come your way; that no matter how you feel, you can rely on your conviction to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As Faith(ful) business owners and life partners, we must see the perfection in all of the imperfections of our business and life.

I’m truly inspired to feature Roy & Heather Aguillon and their business Barnwood Basics this month.  After learning about their journey, I was struck by how much wisdom their business model holds.

“At Barnwood Basics, we believe in responsible craftsmanship.  We use reclaimed wood on every piece of custom furniture we build.  The character of a piece of wood comes from age. It comes from decades of life lived on and within it. The perfect piece of wood has wear that comes with years of use.  Barnwood Basics is the absolute best at what we do because our business thrives on the imperfections in the material we use to create the perfect piece for our customers”, says Heather.   

Imagine if we walked through this world being able to see the perfection everywhere, in everything, and in everyone; we’d truly be seeing through the eyes of heaven.

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To your success in life, business, and marriage,

Shyra Smith