We’re Howard and Shyra Smith and we’ve been partners in life and in business for over 16 years.  During the growth of our business, we had to overcome obstacles while learning many powerful lessons.  Some of those lessons were costly and impacted our marriage in various ways however, we were determined not to be another negative statistic. While it would have been easy to give up, we found it much more rewarding to fight through and overcome the struggles we faced. as business owners and more importantly, a couple.

If you’re a couple in business, you know that our lifestyle is unlike your everyday marriage. There is no “break” from each other when you go to work… because you’re working with your partner.  Any communication challenges within the relationship are amplified because that communication continues on some level all day long. It takes a different approach, but is very rewarding when you find that median.

Elevating Couples In Business will not only allow you to get a glimpse of our lifestyle and read up on some of our learned lessons, but we also aim to promote, inspire and support other married couples in business! We hope you enjoy!