Happy New Year to all of Our Elevated Couples in Business!!

If you’re anything like us, and we know that you are, you look forward to a new year with great anticipation.  It’s not that we wait until the new year begins to get started with new initiatives, but the start of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of where you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’d like to improve during the brand new year!  As successful as we’ve been, we couldn’t get over the feeling of being stressed at times this past year and found ourselves looking forward to vacations and getaways a lot more than usual.  So for this year, we’ve decided we want to plan and work more efficiently instead of “harder”.  This should decrease our stress levels, improve our health, and allow us more time to spend with one another and our family and friends in a non-business setting.  How do we plan to set about accomplishing this?  Well, it’s not as simple and straightforward as it sounds, but here are a few of the changes that we’ve decided will help us get to where we need to be.

1.  Set a stopping time each day

Since we both LOVE what we do, we often find ourselves talking and discussing business ideas well after usual business cut-off times.  It had it’s place in the past to help us to reach the place that we are now, but now it’s just become more of a habit.

2.  Invest more and smarter

We’ll share more details with our subscribers in the coming weeks, but it’s been amazing to see some of our projects mature and realize the passive income potential that investing can bring about for us and those who follow our lead.

3.  Delegate more and mentor more

We are delegating tasks more and mentoring in an intimate way so those working with us can think more like us in business and we won’t have to always have the concern of something not being done “right” if we’re not the one personally doing it.

4.  Market our own businesses more

We’re great at Marketing for our clients, but we often times put our own Marketing on the back burner, so we need to make a conscious effort to increase our own marketing to ensure our business continues to grow as the stress decreases.

5.  Only take on the right clients

We have learned that it’s okay to turn down a large client if the timing isn’t right or the personnel representing the opportunity are not a match/fit for us.

6.  Exercise regularly

Ensure exercise, diet, relationships, and sleep are given just as much priority as our creative work time.

7.  Plan more family breaks

In the past, we’ve planned 2 or 3 get-aways each year, but now we’ll add closer destinations into the mix as well to break up the pattern a bit more.  Taking a couple of days to get away from it all can sometimes give us that tune-up our mind and bodies need.

We hope these tidbits are something that you’ll put importance on this year as well and if you need help in any of the above mentioned areas, feel free to reach out to us or just drop us a note to share how things are going with you two and your business.  Until next time…..

Howard & Shyra Smith