Let’s face it, not all traveling is a coveted vacation. There are plenty of times you may have to go visit in-laws you don’t like and tag along on business trips you’d rather not attend. Even if you have been waiting for this vacation, you might find you and your spouse get a little edgy with each other. Traveling brings out some interesting quirks in people, so here are some tips for surviving travel with your spouse.

  1. You don’t have to do everything together – Just because you’re going on vacation together doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip. Chances are, while you’re likely to have similar interests, there are going to be some things that each of you don’t want to do. Your spouse might have been waiting all their life to zip line through the jungle, while you’d rather stay grounded and away from the heights. There’s no reason you can’t set aside individual time to do the things that are satisfying to each of you.
  2. Consider routines – All of us have our daily routines, and if you’re stuck in a smaller area or somewhere that isn’t quite set up the way your home is, you’ll need to make a few extra sacrifices. Plan your showers, your daily readiness routine and make sure that you’re able to allow yourselves to be comfortable in your routines while away from home.
  3. Share the load – Things happen on vacation. Items are left at home, luggage is lost, flights cancelled or delayed – remember not to blame each other for these things and keep your heads on straight. Work together as a team, not against each other as enemies. Don’t let your vacation be ruined over something silly.


When we say surviving vacation, we really hope that spending time away with your partner isn’t quite so gloomy sounding. In fact, it should be pretty easy for you both to have a great time and even grow closer together. So take advantage, enjoy your trip, and enjoy each other.