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I am thrilled to share that Howard and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary in January.  Looking back over the years we’ve spent together, I can say my love for him is deeper than it’s ever been.  My heart is full from all the memories we’ve created with each other and while, like all couples have our ups and downs, we believe in intentionally creating our love story.

My love has grown deeper, not because of all the grand gestures but because of all the little things we do for one another on a daily basis. We make daily “Love Deposits” (as we like to call them) to keep our love for one another grounded in the present moment. We know that when our love account is low, we at times can become irritable and hard to get along with, so we make sure to get our daily deposits in.

No matter how busy we get, these small gestures go a long way, especially when work demands most of our attention. If you’re in the same boat and want to know what we do to keep the presence in our love grounded in today, here’s a list of 21 Simple & Heart Filled Ways to Fill  Your Spouse’s Love Well.

  1.  A simple text message to say, “I’m thinking of you” or “I love you” even if you share the same office. (Bitmojis are awesome for this!)
  2. Blow kisses to each other from across the room (or office).
  3. Whistle at your spouse when they walk by to let ‘em know they still got it.
  4. Write love notes and post it where they’ll be surprised to find it.
  5. Write one thing you’re grateful for about your spouse on a PostIt and leave it on their computer screen.
  6. Order their favorite meal and have it delivered to your spouse.
  7. Lock yourself in the conference room and share this meal together, without your cell phones.
  8. Steal kisses and hugs, just because.
  9. Give your spouse a small token of appreciation for something kind they did for you in the first years of your marriage.
  10. Pray over your spouse with your spouse.
  11. Hire a babysitter and take your spouse out on a surprise dinner date
  12. Hold each other’s hands when you’re lying in bed.
  13. Reminisce on your favorite memories together.
  14. Ask your spouse “What are you grateful for today?”.
  15. Sing your spouse’s favorite love song to him/her.
  16. Write a silly poem and leave it on his/her pillow before bed.
  17. Call ahead to your favorite restaurant and ask them to hide a love note in your spouse’s napkin when you make your reservation.
  18. Turn on your favorite Pandora station and ask your spouse to dance with you. (Get the kids to join in!)
  19. Run a candlelit bubble bath with rose petals and let your spouse relax while you cook dinner.
  20. Pack a picnic lunch and have lunch in the park.
  21. Write out your vows and take your spouse to their favorite place. Renew your vows with each other in private. Do this on a random day.

One of my favorite relationship quotes is, “In relationships, it’s not what you get, but what you give.”, and when we give just a little bit of our hearts to our spouse every day, it adds up to years full of beautiful loving memories.

We hope you make and create love daily.

To your success in life, business, and marriage,

Shyra & Howard Smith

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Photo Credit: Nicole LeAnne Photography