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The Importance of Celebrating Love Beyond Valentine’s Day

Here at Elevating Couples, we are all about making meaningful progress towards personal and family goals. Whether we talk about building your finances, learning to be a better communicator, learning how to multitask, or becoming the all-round partner you want to be, we share many of our own personal experiences that have revolved around the small, incremental changes that we’ve made which have

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21 Simple & Heart Filled Ways To Fill Your Spouse’s Love Well

  I am thrilled to share that Howard and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary in January.  Looking back over the years we’ve spent together, I can say my love for him is deeper than it’s ever been.  My heart is full from all the memories we’ve created with each other and while, like all couples have our ups and downs, we believe

The High Touch Way to Success

Couples who work hard together to start and grow a business say that open communication and intimacy makes sharing life and work sweeter and more successful. Yet while wearing your business hats, most of the communication is talk, talk, talk. Intuitively, we all know that nonverbal communication – eye contact and touch – can speak volumes, but still, it’s noticeably absent in the